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Multi 9 Systems Miniature Circuit Breakers
Multi 9 Systems Miniature Circuit Breakers

Multi 9 systems miniature circuit breakers advanced design provide current limiting performance for advanced protection. Multi 9 systems broad range meets world standards and includes UL 489, UL 489A and UL 1077 circuit breakers for maximum flexibility

Featured Multi 9 systems miniature circuit breakers & accessories:

  • UL 489 branch circuit protection
    • Ring tongue terminals (RTT)
  • UL 489A branch circuit protection for DC circuits in communication equipment
  • UL 1077 supplementary protection
    • UL 1077 rated C60N
    • Ring tongue terminal connection kit
    • Comb bus bar
  • Electrical auxiliaries
    • Undervoltage release (MN)
    • Auxiliary switch (OF)
    • Alarm switch (SD)
    • Shunt trip and auxiliary switch (MX + OF)
  • Permanently installed lock-off attachments
    • Left lock-off attachment
    • Right lock-off attachment
  • Ground fault protection
    • Residual current circuit breaker IEC 61009 rated
    • C60 circuit breaker
    • Vigi module (residual current device)
    • ID residential current switch
  • Other low-voltage circuit protection products
    • PowerPact® molded case circuit breaker
    • Masterpact® circuit breaker

Download the Multi 9 systems miniature circuit breakers spec sheet below or call 714.835.6211 for more information.

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