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Ty-Rap High-Performance Cable Ties, Tools & Accessories
Ty-Rap High-Performance Cable Ties, Tools & Accessories

Ty-Rap High-Performance Cable Ties, Tools & Accessories

Ty-Rap  remains the brand of choice due to its exceptional durability, strength, stainless steel locking mechanism and nearly infinite number of locking positions.

The Grip of Steel:  Ty-Rap’s non-hydroscopic stainless steel locking device ensures maximum strength and extended useful life.

Fewer Stress Points:  Ty-Rap’s smooth, notch less body reduces the number of stress points to increase its useful life, while ribs and stipples grip the bundle and prevent slipping.

Snag-Free Installation:  The low-profile head and its oval shape make it easier to pull bundled cables through bulkheads.  Easier on your hands, too.

Performance in High and Low Temp Environments:  Ty-Rap cable ties are available in multiple materials to operate in extreme environments.

Featured products and sections:

  • Ty-Rap High-Performance Nylon Cable Ties
  • Engineered-Performance Material Cable Ties
  • Color Coding Cable Ties
  • Identification Tags, Cable Ties and Accessories
  • Mounting Bases, Cable Ties and Accessories
  • Safety, Reusable and Double-Loop Cable Ties
  • Messenger and Lashing Ties and Straps
  • Deltec Cable Tie and Support System
  • Ty-Rap High-Performance Stainless Steel Cable Ties
  • Hook-and-Loop Fasteners
  • Ty-Rap Installation Tools
  • Ty-Rap Wire Management Clips, Clamps, Spiral Wrap

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