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Sta-Kon Wire Termination & Insulation
Sta-Kon Wire Termination & Insulation

Sta-Kon wire terminals offer more copper and a wider funnel to assure premium connection with less work in a line that includes insulated and non-insulated terminals, splices, wire joints, disconnects, ferrules, heat-shrinkable terminals, splices and disconnects.

Sta-Kon Wire Termination & Insulation featured products:

  • Ring Terminals
  • Flag Terminals
  • Fork Terminals
  • Pin Terminals
  • Splice Connectors
  • Wire Joints
  • Heat-Shrinkable Terminals, Splices, Disconnects
  • Disconnects and Male Tabs
  • Luminaire Disconnects
  • Ferrules
  • Wire Termination Tools and Installation Kits
  • Wire Termination Technical Information
  • Shrink-Kon Heat-Shrinkable Tubing
  • Shrink-Kon Splice Insulators and Insulating Covers
  • Shrink-Kon  Installation Tools
  • Shield-Kon Shield Termination System
  • Dragon-Tooth Magnet Wire Termination System

Download the Sta-Kon Wire Termination & Insulation brochure below or call 714.835.6211 for more information.

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