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Tesys VLS
Tesys VLS

The TeSys VLS offer consists of  UL 98 non-fusible disconnect switches from 63 to 125A and UL 60947-4-1 motor disconnect switches from 16 to 60A.


Flexible installation

  • Multiple disconnect switches available
  • Din rail mounting (Switch unit + shaft + handle)
  • Door mounting (Switch unit + handle)
  • Handles designed with multiple hole patterns making it compatible with common brands
  • Defeatable handles in “I-ON” position, with a tool

Compact Size

  • 16-63A switch recognized to UL60947-4-1
  • Red or black handles with reduced thickness


  • Wide variety– auxiliary contacts, ground or neutral terminals, fourth power pole, terminal covers, early make contacts
  • Two disconnect switches can be easily linked together for 6 or 8 pole switch or changeover

Global approvals – UL, CSA

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