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TeSys U-Line Motor Starters

TeSys U-Line Motor Starters  provide motor control for choices ranging from a basic motor starter with solid-state thermal overload protection to a sophisticated motor controller which communicates on networks and includes programmable motor protection.

Using a plug-in modular design, the TeSys U-Line Motor Starters allow maximum flexibility in motor control. Simply select the 45 mm Power Base, and mount either on a panel or on a 35 mm DIN rail. Then select and install the various plug-in components for the application. Plug-in design allows wiring to be prepared in advance of final installation or to assist in any maintenance work without unwiring.

TeSys U-Line Motor Starters plug-in options include:

  • Power Base
    • Self-protected starter base
    • Starter base
  • Interchangeable Control Units
    • Standard Control Unit
    • Advanced Control Unit
    • Multifunction Control Unit
  • Function Modules
    • Parallel wiring module
    • Communication modules
    • Auxiliary contact function modules
  • Auxiliary Contact Blocks
  • Control Circuit Pre-Wiring Connectors
  • Current Limiter/Isolator Module

Other options for the TeSys U-Line Motor Starters include a reversing block, control circuit contact block, incoming line phase barrier “required for UL 508 Type E self-protected combination motor controller applications” and door interlock mounting kit for through-the-door operation of the self-protected (LUB) power base.

Download the TeSys U-Line Motor Starters brochure below or call 714.835.6211 for more information.