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Surge Protective Devices
Surge Protective Devices

Square D Surge Protective Devices  guide includes:

Externally Mounted Surge Protective Devices. Surgelogic™ offers a full range of externally mounted SPDs. These units are designed to provide surge suppression from service entrance panels to point-of-use equipment. External SPD Options include:

  • Sine Wave Tracking Module. Sine Wave Tracking (SWT) circuitry provides enhanced EMI/RFI filtering of -54 dB at 100 kHz and establishes the power surge clamping window relative to the sine wave voltage to increase performance at distribution and branch panel applications.
  • Type 1. UL 1449 Type 1 SPDs can be located at any point in the electrical system, on the line or load side of the equipment overcurrent device.
  • Integral Switch. The integral switch provides a mechanical means to electrically isolate the entire surge suppressor before opening the enclosure door to facilitate servicing of the unit’s components.
  • Remote Monitor. This option displays the alarm status of the surge protective device up to 1000 feet from the unit.
  • Flush Mount Kits. Flush mounting kits can be used on 120–240 kA EMA and EBA series devices. Devices with integral switch require a 20 inch flush mounting collar.

External Modular Assembly (EMA) SPDs products feature a design based on individual phase modules for a flexible, cost effective way to achieve superior surge suppression at every level of the electrical distribution system. Modularity results in lower life cycle costs and fast, easy service or replacement.

  • External Modular SPDs—EMA SPDs
  • External Modular L-L Enhanced SPDs
  • External Brick Assembly SPDs—EBA SPDs
  • Replacement Modules

Internally Mounted Surge Protective Devices—New Construction

  • Panelboards
  • Switchboards and Switchgear
  • Model 6 Motor Control Centers
  • IPaCS
  • Buswayĵ

Internally Mounted Surge Protective Devices—Retrofit

  • Internally Mounted SPD—Retrofit
  • OEM/Assembler Kits

Nipple-Mounted Surge Protective Devices

  • SDSA3650 SPDs
  • HWA SPDs
  • SDSA1175 SPDs
  • Mounting Brackets and Flush Mount Kits
  • XR SPDs

Residential Surge Protective Devices

  • Whole House SPDs
  • Whole House Accessories
  • QO™, NQ, and Homeline™ Loadcenter SPDs

Download the Schneider Electric Surge Protective Devices PDF below or call 714.835.6211 for more information.

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