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Square D Transformers
Square D Transformers

Square D Transformers include

General Purpose, Dry Type, 600 Volts and Below Transformers

  • EE Three-Phase
  • EE Single-Phase
  • Single- and Three-Phase, Watchdog™ Low Temperature Rise Transformers
  • EE NL and NLP Series
  • NEMA Premium
  • Sealed Single- and Three-Phase
  • Sealed Single-Phase, Export Model
  • Sealed Single-Phase, Buck and Boost
  • Sealed Single- and Three-Phase, Stainless Steel Enclosed Transformers
  • Non-Ventilated Single- and Three-Phase Transformers
  • Transformer Enclosures


  • Enclosures and Accessories
  • Lug and Terminal Block Cover Kits; Weathershields; Wall and Ceiling Mounting Brackets

Unit Substation, 600 Volts and Below

  • Sealed, Mini Power-Zone™ Unit Substations

Industrial Control Transformers

  • Type T and Type TF
  • MultiTap™
  • Accessories

Transformer Disconnects

  • NEMA Type 1 and Type 12 Enclosures

Instrument, 600 Volt Class

  • Voltage and Current Transformers

Energy Efficient, Dry Type, 2.4, 5, and 15 kV Transformers

  • 1201–15,000 V, Three-Phase, Indoor
  • 1201–15,000 V, Single-Phase, Indoor

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