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PowerPact B Molded-Case Circuit Breakers
PowerPact B Molded-Case Circuit Breakers

Schneider Electric introduces a new family member of the Square D PowerPact™ range of circuit breakers, the PowerPact B-frame.
PowerPact B-frame circuit breakers benefit from 60 years of expertise and leadership in industrial circuit breaker technology.
As well as offering proven performance, flexibility, and reliability, PowerPact B-frame circuit breakers feature new innovations such as
the patented Everlink™ connections and integrated DIN rail mounting.


PowerPact B circuit breakers: Optimized for your needs

The PowerPact B-frame circuit breaker provides economical thermal-magnetic circuit protection in a compact size. It offers unique values to electrical system designers and installers in addition to a wide range of
accessories, auxiliaries, and lug options.

PowerPact B-frame ratings and types

• Available in 1, 2, 3, and 4-pole unit mount construction & 1, 2, and 3-pole I-Line™ construction
• Cost-effective fixed thermal-magnetic trip units from 15-125A up to 600Y/347 Vac
• Interrupting ratings include D-18 kA, G-35 kA, and J-65 kA at 480 Vac
• Unique I-Line construction mounts into Square D™ panelboards and
switchboards. Designed to the same 1.5″ per pole widths as the legacy
F-frame, simplifying substitution without blank fillers
• Unit mount (aka: lug-lug) construction is 30% smaller in size with 25% more
capacity than the legacy unit-mount F-frame design

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