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Square D Busway Systems
Square D Busway Systems

Square D Busway Systems Catalog 5600CT9101R08/13 Class 5600

I-Line Busway

  • I-Line Plug-In style from 225 A to 600 A with aluminum or copper conductors
  • I-Line II Plug-In and Feeder styles from 800 A to 4000 A with aluminum conductors, and to 5000 A with copper conductors
  • Optional IP54 rated I-Line II offers dust and splash resistance protection in Plug-In and Feeder Styles

Powerbus Busway

  •  Available in 100 A, 225 A, and 400 A, up to 600 V maximum rating

Power-Zone Metal-Enclosed Busway

  • 600V – 15 KV non-segregated phase bus feeder runs


Download the Square D Busway Systems Catalog below or call 714.835.6211 for more information.




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