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Automation Products
Automation Products

Automation Products brochure by Schneider Electric features

Programmable Logic Controllers

  • Modicon™ TSX Micro PLC
  • Modicon M340™ PAC
  • Modicon Premium™ PLC
  • Modicon Quantum™ PLC
  • Unity™ Pro Application Software
  • Unity Application Generator
  • Concept™ and PL7™ Application Software
  • ProWORX™ 32 Application Software


  • Magelis™ Small Panels Products (STO/STU, XBT N/R, XBT RT)
  • Magelis Advanced Panels Products (XBTGT, XBT GK, XBT GH, XBT GTW)
  • Magelis Smart+ iPC
  • Magelis Smart iPC
  • Magelis Compact iPC
  • “BOX + Display” Solutions
  • Vijeo™ Designer™


  • Vijeo™ Citect™
  • Vijeo™ Historian™

Distributed I/O

  • Advantys™ OTB
  • Modicon TM5 Expansion Module
  • Modicon STB
  • Advantys Telefast™ ABE7 Sub-bases, IP20
  • Advantys Telefast ABE9 Passive Splitter Boxes, IP67
  • Modicon TM7 I/O Blocks, IP67
  • Modicon Momentum™ Distributed I/O and PLC

Networking Products and Systems

  • ConneXium™ Ethernet Products
  • ConneXview™Industrial Ethernet Diagnostic Software
  • Transparent Ready™ Solutions
  • CANopen™ Products 27-6 Ethernet TCP/IP Products
  • Actuator Sensor Interface (AS-i) Bus Products

OEM Solutions

  • Modicon M168 Programmable Logic Controller
  • Modicon M238 Logic Controller
  • Modicon M258 Logic Controller
  • Modicon LMC058 Motion Controller
  • Altivar™ IMC Integrated Controller Card
  • Magelis XBT GC HMI Controller
  • SoMachine™ Software Suite
  • Twido™ Nano™
  • Modicon Zelio™ Logic Controller

Download the Schneider Electric Automation Products brochure below or call 714.835.6211 for more information.

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