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UNF/UNY Expansion Unions

UNF/UNY Expansion Unions Applications:

UNF/UNY expansion unions are designed to be used in all threaded rigid metal conduit systems indoors and outdoors, in hazardous locations to:

  • Connect conduit to conduit
  • Connect conduit to a junction box or device enclosure
  • Compensate for conduit cut too short
  • Allow for expansion and contraction of conduit • Connect stub-ups to threaded conduit
  • Replace sections of conduit runs

UNF/UNY Expansion Unions Features:

  • Compact design
  • Internal beryllium copper grounding spring to insure positive grounding continuity.
  • Knurled surface on body and sleeve allows secure gripping with wrench.
  • Steel construction for maximum strength.
  • Available in two styles – short length where space is limited, long length when extra expansion is required.

Download the UNF/UNY Expansion Unions spec sheet below or call 714.835.6211 for more information.