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UNY, UNF and UNL Unions and EL Elbows
UNY, UNF and UNL Unions and EL Elbows

UNY, UNF and UNL Unions and EL Elbows Applications

UNY and UNF unions are installed in threaded thickwall conduit systems:

  • UNY – to connect conduit to a conduit fitting, junction box or device enclosure
  • UNF – to connect conduit to conduit, or to provide a means for future modification of the conduit system

UNA unions are used in conduit and fitting installations when entrance angle is between 90° and 180°.

EL elbows are installed in conduit run or in box or fitting hub:

  •  To change direction in threaded rigid conduit run by 90°, or when terminating at a box or fitting

UNY, UNF and UNL unions feature:

  • Compact design which permits assembly with a minimum of clearance to other adjacent conduit and/or equipment
  • Strong and durable construction UNA unions:
  • Have a single clamping nut on angle, making it both a union and a connector
  • Permit conduit joints at angles between 90° and 180° EL elbows have a smooth interior and are both strong and compact.

Download the UNY, UNF and UNL Unions and EL Elbows spec sheet below or call 714.835.6211 for more information.

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