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Cooper Crouse-Hinds EYS Tool Kit
Cooper Crouse-Hinds EYS Tool Kit

The Cooper Crouse-Hinds EYS Tool Kit for Use with Sealing Fittings and Hubs lets you safely and reliably pack the fiber dam in explosionproof sealing fittings. Consisting of five patented, two-sided tools in a handy canvas bag, the EYS Tool Kit makes the critical steps of separating electrical conductors and packing fiber dams quick and easy.

EYS Tool Kit Features and Benefits:

  • The EYS Tool Kit consists of five tools and a canvas tool bag. Four tools have two unique ends for a total of 9 different tools.
  • Each tool is numbered for easy identification.
  • Tools are constructed of durable plastic with smooth and rounded surfaces that will not abrade the electrical insulation.
  • The Hook tool (#3) with a large hook on one end and a small hook on the other end is designed to lift and separate individual wires.
  • The Packing tools (#1, #2 & #4) have rounded ends designed for packing fiber in between and around electrical conductors.
  • The Wedge tools (#2 & #5) are designed for hands-free separation of conductors while packing fiber.
  • The Mirrored tool (#5) allows for easy inspection of the sealing fittings.
  • All tools are sized and precisely angled to accomodate various sizes of fittings.
  • The canvas tool bag is designed to neatly store and protect tools while not in use.

Download the Cooper Crouse-Hinds EYS Tool Kit PDF below or call 714.835.6211 for more information.

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