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Ultrafill Ground Enhancement Material
Ultrafill Ground Enhancement Material

Is a low resistance carbon based backfill material, which
dramatically lowers ground system resistance in difficult
soil situations. Ultrafill contains no bentonite or concrete
components, which, in very dry conditions, can cause
shrinkage around the ground electrode, thus rendering it

Is ideal for use in rocky soil, sand, gravel or any other
high resistance soil conditions. It is also the ideal backfill
material for use around enhanced ground rods and
ground grid systems.

Is easy to use, safe and effective. Unlike other backfill
products, Ultrafill is dust free and does not require mixing
in water prior to installation.

May be used in a horizontal trench or grid, and in vertical
applications. Ultrafill is packaged in durable, tear-resistant,
polypropylene bags. 25 and 50 pound sizes are available.

Meets the requirements of FAA-STD-19E

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