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Flexible Metal Conduit Type- ABR

Flexible Metal Conduit Type- ABR ALUMINUM “BLUE RIBBON” This non-jacketed flexible aluminum conduit has many universal wiring applications. It is often referred to as “Greenfield” or “Reduced Wall Flex”.

CONSTRUCTION: Type ABR is formed using a high strength aluminum alloy strip. The result is a conduit with similar characteristics to those of type BR steel but at about 1/3 the weight. Meets Federal Specification A-A-55810 Type II. (Formely WW-C-566c Type I)

APPLICATION: This conduit is intended for installation as a metal raceway for wires and cable in accordance with NEC® (ANSI/NFPA-70) Article 348.

  • Suitable as an equipment grounding conductor (Section 250.118(5))
  • Wiring in elevators, hoist ways and escalators. (Section 620.21(A))
  • Use of 3/8 inch trade size. (Section 348.20)
    • Leads of motors (Section 430.145(b))
    • Listed Assemblies, Tap Conductors (Section 410.67c)
    • Manufactured Wiring Systems (Section 604.6(a))
    • Listed Wired Fixtures (Section 410.77c)
  • Suitable for use with listed connectors intended for “FMC” (Flexible Metal Conduit). Flexible metal conduit is also permitted for use on industrial machinery (ANSI//NFPA-79) Section 14.5.4

Listed File #E53253 (sizes 3/8 &1/2 through 3 inch). Conforms to Underwriters Laboratories Standard ANSI/UL-1 for Flexible Metal Conduit.

Certified File #LL18858 (3/8 & 7/16 inch size only) Conforms to CSA 22.2 No. 56 for use per the Canadian electrical code C22.1 Section 12-1000

Tests Include: WEEE and RoHS Compliant

Download the Flexible Metal Conduit Type- ABR spec sheet below or call 714.835.6211 for more information.