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Kellems Wire Mesh Grips
Kellems Wire Mesh Grips

Kellems Wire Mesh Grips

Pull Grips are instrumental in the installations of transmission lines, service lines and cabling for construction and maintenance.

  • Heavy-Duty Rotating Eye
  • Heavy-Duty Flexible Eye
  • Slack Grips
  • Light-Duty Flexible Eye

Support Grips  provide holding management for indoor and outdoor permanent cable installations.

  • Single Eye
  • Double Eye
  • Single Offset Eye
  • Universal Eye
  • Wide Range Bus Drop

Strain Relief Grips are most often used to provide maximum reliability and minimum maintenance in areas where cords on machinery or equipment is impacted by motion or vibration or at risk of damage from cable pullout

  • Wide Range Bus Drop
  • Dust-Tight Strain Relief
  • Deluxe Cord
  • Liquid-Tight, Flexible Metal Conduit

Other Specialty Grips

  • Splicing Grips
  • Hose Containment Grips

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