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Temperature Controls
Temperature Controls

Temperature Controls by Pentair featured accessories and controllers include:

Thermostat Controller

  • Saves energy, reduces filter replacement frequency and extends filter fan life
  • Terminal block connection
  • 38-mm DIN rail mounting bracket (according to EN 60715) and screws included
  • Catalog Number: TWR60

Dual Thermostat

  • Application: Two thermostats in one, the Dual Thermostat independently controls equipment heating and cooling systems.
  • Industry Standards: cURus; File No. E164102 CSA File No. 215952 CE
  • Catalog Number: ADLTEMP

Electronic Hygrotherm

  • Application: The Electronic Hygrotherm senses ambient temperature and relative air humidity and adjusts a connected device to maintain temperature and humidity set points.
  • Industry Standards: cURus; File No. E164102. CE
  • Catalog Number: ATEMHUM

Mechanical Hygrostat

  • Application: The Mechanical Hygrostat controls relative air humidity inside an enclosure to prevent condensation and corrosion that can damage components. It can also be connected to an enclosure heater, cooling fans, warning lights or other devices. The critical relative humidity (RH) level for most components is 65 percent. Above 65 percent RH, condensation can form and cause electronic equipment to malfunction.
  • Industry Standards: cURus; File No. E164102. CE
  • Catalog Number: AMHUM

Temperature Control Switch

  • Application: These easy-to-install thermostats regulate and monitor air temperature in enclosures that contain heat-emitting equipment. Thermostats prolong heater and fan life expectancy by controlling operation time and increase electrical component working efficiency by exposing them to fewer environmental contaminants.
  • Industry Standards: cURus; File No. E164102 UL94-VO Protection rating IEC IP30 CSA Certified, File Number 215952. CE
  • Catalog Number: ATEMNC (Normally Closed) & ATEMNO (Normally Open)

Panel-Mount Fan Speed Controls

  • Application: Perfect for offices, classrooms and other noise-sensitive areas. Fan Speed Control optimizes airflow in a cabinet or rack, balancing air volume requirements with noise level and power use.
  • Industry Standards: UL 508 Listed; File No. E249700 cUL Listed per CSA C22.2 No. 14; File No. E249700
  • Catalog Number: AFANTSC

Hazardous Location Thermostat

  • Application: Compact mechanical thermostat for temperature control of heaters or low-temperature alarms in enclosures that are used in explosion-hazardous areas.
  • Industry Standards: CE Conformity Certificate LCIE (Laboratoire Central des Industries Electriques) LCIE 01 ATEX 6074 EEx d IIC T6/II 2 GD, IP6x T85 °C IEC 60529, IP65/1 (grounded)
  • Catalog Number: HLTHERMNC

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